Talks from October 2021

Comfort in Distress || Brian Rosner || Malachi 3:14 18

In times of distress, it’s important for God’s people to talk to each other and to God, and remember that God knows the troubles in our lives. Brian Rosner from Ridley College brings us a timely reminder that God hears and listens when we call out to h…

Are You Ready? || Bush Church Aid || Luke 12:35-48

Bush Church Aid support churches across Australia in remote and regional areas, and we’re proud to call them our Mission Partner. Adrian Lane visits us and takes a look at what Jesus has to say about his return. Connect with us at ➜ Website: https:…

Humble Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 18:9-14

Imagine attending a prayer meeting and ragging on someone else at that meeting – during your prayers. That’s exactly what one of the esteemed Jewish leaders did in this passage. Meanwhile, that other person prayed a simple prayer – just seven words lon…

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