January 2021 - St John's Diamond Creek

Talks from January 2021

Fishing with Jesus || Summer Stories || John 21:1-14

Julie leads us through a story about Jesus – a story of Jesus appearing to his followers after his death and resurrection and helping them find a haul of fish.  What stands out to you in this story from John 21? What do you like about this story? What …

Blurry Vision || Summer Stories || Mark 8:22-33

Spitting isn’t great, socially. It’s pretty gross, especially in a pandemic. But when Jesus spits in his hands and rubs it into a blind man’s eyes, the blind man is healed – but only after a second attempt by Jesus. Initially, the man has blurry vision…

Jesus Meets Our Needs || Summer Stories || Mark 8:1-21

Through 2020, we saw scenes that we may never have expected – supermarket shelves empty of food and toilet paper. In 2021, Tim encourages us to trust that Jesus will provide all our needs, just as he did for the 4000 people (and the 5000 in a previous …

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