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Talks on Mission

Talks on Mission

Open House 50th Anniversary || Paul Burgess || Matthew 25:31-40

At St John’s, we’re passionate partners in God’s worldwide mission. We support organisations like Open House through prayerful and practical support, as well as financially. Paul Burgess, from Open House gives us an insight to Open House’s 50-year hist…

The God Who Keeps Promises || Julie Blinco || 2 Corinthians 2:5-17

What do you smell like? One of Julie’s coworkers (who’ll remain nameless) thinks that coriander smells like hate. And he’s totally right. It’s awful. So why does Paul, in his letter 2 Corinthians suggest that to some, the good news of Jesus smells like…

Local Missions Expo || Mark 5:1-20

This week, Julie brings us a story from the book of Mark, of the freedom that comes through mission, and invites three guests to talk about their experiences with different parts of local mission.

Mission Partners || The Heart of God || Luke 18:28-30

“If you take the work of God’s mission out of the Bible, all you’re left with is a front and back cover.” Kat Shields takes a look at what mission looks like and finds that for the most part, it is ordinary. An ordinary life, saturated with gospel intentionality- a commitment to building relationships modelling Jesus, and talking about faith as a natural part of conversation.  Kat is a regular member of our Sunday evening service, bringing us this talk from Luke 18.