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Talks on Biblical Storytelling

Talks on Biblical Storytelling

Fishing with Jesus || Summer Stories || John 21:1-14

Julie leads us through a story about Jesus – a story of Jesus appearing to his followers after his death and resurrection and helping them find a haul of fish.  What stands out to you in this story from John 21? What do you like about this story? What …

Jesus: King || Biblical Storytelling

In this episode, we hear another story. Together, we’ll use the Biblical Storytelling method of bible study, and ask these questions while listening to the story: 1. What do you like about this story?2. What questions might people have?3. What do we le…

Summer Stories || Biblical Storytelling

Throughout January, the talks at St John’s have taken a different format to usual, meaning they haven’t been appropriate for the format of a podcast. In this episode, Andy and Tim chat about what the teaching has been in January, and will catch you up …

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