Talks by Kirk Mackenzie

Talks by Kirk Mackenzie

Humble Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 18:9-14

Imagine attending a prayer meeting and ragging on someone else at that meeting – during your prayers. That’s exactly what one of the esteemed Jewish leaders did in this passage. Meanwhile, that other person prayed a simple prayer – just seven words lon…

Bold Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 11:5-13

We’re continuing our series on prayer with Kirk looking at bold prayer. God wants us to be in relationship with him, asking things of him, like a kid asking their dad for an egg, or a neighbour asking a friend for a favour in the middle of the night.

The Church Is Sent By Jesus || John 17 13 26

We’re experiencing a lot of change at the moment, both at St John’s and in our wider society, so it’s good to get back to the basics of what the church is. In this series, we’ll be looking at three fundamental truths of our identity as a church; this…

POWER || Our Deepest Desires || Matthew 20:1-16

Scratch beneath the surface of our actions, and you quickly reveal the deeper desires that drive those actions.  This new series is all about delving into the heart of idolatry, and the variety of problems it presents to us in our life and faith. We’…

Blurry Vision || Summer Stories || Mark 8:22-33

Spitting isn’t great, socially. It’s pretty gross, especially in a pandemic. But when Jesus spits in his hands and rubs it into a blind man’s eyes, the blind man is healed – but only after a second attempt by Jesus. Initially, the man has blurry vision…

Blind Belief || Faith in the Dark || Hebrews 11:1-16

How do you have faith in something you can’t see? Kirk launches our Advent series Faith in the Dark, exploring faith and hope. Starting from Hebrews 11, we’ll be thinking about having faith in darkness and putting our trust in Jesus this Christmas.

Dark Times || Good Friday || Matthew 27:33-50

We’re living in dark times. First responders, healthcare workers and others all face that darkness head-on, so others don’t have to. In times like this, we need people willing to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to face the darkness on behalf of …

Hope || In the Valley || Psalm 27

Hope. Through all the Valley emotions in this series, hope remains. The state of mind that something good might happen, or something bad might not happen. Through the bible, we see an ultimate hope in Jesus – the belief that something good WILL happen….

Fear || In the Valley || Psalm 56

There are many ways the Bible approaches the feeling of fear – too many to fit in one talk, in fact – whether it’s a helpful caution or a reverent fear or an irrational anxiety. This week, Kirk bring us one of these examples from the book of Psalms as …

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