Talks by Kirk Mackenzie

Talks by Kirk Mackenzie

Dark Times || Good Friday || Matthew 27:33-50

We’re living in dark times. First responders, healthcare workers and others all face that darkness head-on, so others don’t have to. In times like this, we need people willing to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to face the darkness on behalf of …

Hope || In the Valley || Psalm 27

Hope. Through all the Valley emotions in this series, hope remains. The state of mind that something good might happen, or something bad might not happen. Through the bible, we see an ultimate hope in Jesus – the belief that something good WILL happen….

Fear || In the Valley || Psalm 56

There are many ways the Bible approaches the feeling of fear – too many to fit in one talk, in fact – whether it’s a helpful caution or a reverent fear or an irrational anxiety. This week, Kirk bring us one of these examples from the book of Psalms as …

Emmanuel || O Come, O Come || Isaiah 7:10-17

Advent is again upon us, and this year, these four Sundays leading us to Christmas will be spent exploring the various names given to Jesus in the popular Christmas carol: O Come, O Come Emmanuel. This week, Kirk kicks off our Advent series by looking …

Elijah and King Ahaziah || Spring Sagas || 2 Kings 1

Continuing our storytelling series on the prophet Elijah, we jump forward to the book of 2 Kings as King Ahab is succeeded by his son, Ahaziah. This week, Kirk, aided by Jack and Lachie, tell the story of an injured king and his reliance on false gods,…

And Don’t Worry || Trust God || Luke 12:22-34

Fully trusting God can be difficult, especially when we are so focused on our own worries. And while worry or stress is not inherently evil, it is certainly useless or unhelpful. This week, Kirk brings us a message from Luke that tells us not to stress…

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Australia Votes 2019. On the eve of the federal election, we’re taking another look at Kirk’s talk just before the 2016 election, asking “who would Jesus vote for?”. While we won’t tell you how to vote, we’ll look at how we can approach the election in…

Come and See || Anna and Lachie

This week, Anna and Lachie, two regular members of the church congregation, sit down to discuss their journey as Christians. Facilitated by Kirk, this special Come and See service aims to focus on what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus in…

Jesus: King || Biblical Storytelling

In this episode, we hear another story. Together, we’ll use the Biblical Storytelling method of bible study, and ask these questions while listening to the story: 1. What do you like about this story?2. What questions might people have?3. What do we le…

Strangers || Humility || 1 Peter 5:1-7

Finishing off this first-century letter to early Christians, Peter addresses the’elders’ of the communities he is writing to; that is, the senior leaders of the church. He gives them three tips for good leadership within the Church, which can be easily translated to any leadership positions. Peter then addresses people in positions of ‘followers’, under someone else’s leadership. Essentially, Peter says to lead and be led with humility. Kirk explores humility for leaders, and humility for followers in the final talk in our Strangers: Far From Home series.

Strangers || Be Holy || 1 Peter 1:13-25

A 2000-year-old letter written by one of Jesus’ friends, 1 Peter presents the Christian life as a journey that we all go on – beginning when we decide to start our relationship with Jesus, and ending when we see him face-to-face. Peter gives us directions for this journey, and this week Kirk explores Peter telling Christians to “be holy”, by being obedient. Obedience has a pretty lame reputation in most contexts, but Kirk shows us how being obedient can be a very good thing.

Joy In Your Life || It’s All Rubbish || Philippians 3:1-11

If you’ve done enough “good things” in your life, you get to go to the Good Place, right? And if you haven’t done enough “good things”, then you’ll go to the Bad Place, right? God says no! The only right way to be right with God is through a relationship with Jesus. It’s not about the things that you do in your life, it’s all about Jesus. Paul, in his letter to the Philippians even says it’s not about Jesus PLUS anything. It isn’t about Jesus plus these few key things, or traditions; it’s just about putting your faith in Jesus. If you think you’ve done too many bad things, so many that God can’t love you, to put it plainly: you are wrong. Anyone who puts their faith in Jesus can receive God’s love and forgiveness.
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