In the Valley

In the Valley

Coronavirus || In The Valley || Psalm 103

With the increasing restrictions on day-to-day life, many of us are missing and grieving the loss of being together. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been going through a series – In The Valley – looking at ‘valley’ emotions, those difficult emot…

Hope || In the Valley || Psalm 27

Hope. Through all the Valley emotions in this series, hope remains. The state of mind that something good might happen, or something bad might not happen. Through the bible, we see an ultimate hope in Jesus – the belief that something good WILL happen….

Despair || In the Valley || Psalm 88

This is a tough topic. We believe that God has something to speak into all the circumstances of our life, including fun times and tough times.  Through this series, we’re dealing with difficult emotions. In this episode, we look at despair. Tim encoura…

Guilt || In the Valley || Psalm 38

Do you feel guilty about buying things you don’t need? Or about drinking too much on the weekend? Maybe sugar and chocolate is your guilty pleasure. What does the bible tell us about feelings of guilt? Julie continues our In the Valley series, looking …

Anger || In the Valley || Psalm 137

The imagery of ‘anger’ is often fire – burning with anger, smouldering with anger, anger flaring up inside us. There’s always a spark to it as well, something that sets us off. Do you get irritated, annoyed, or frustrated? Don’t we all. Tim continues o…

Fear || In the Valley || Psalm 56

There are many ways the Bible approaches the feeling of fear – too many to fit in one talk, in fact – whether it’s a helpful caution or a reverent fear or an irrational anxiety. This week, Kirk bring us one of these examples from the book of Psalms as …

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