Light and Darkness || Easter Sunday || Matthew 28:1-10

The smallest light can illuminate a whole room. With the darkness all around us, especially in the midst of COVID-19, it’s important to remember the light of Jesus. His death and resurrection brings light into our world, and when the darkness seems its…

Dark Times || Good Friday || Matthew 27:33-50

We’re living in dark times. First responders, healthcare workers and others all face that darkness head-on, so others don’t have to. In times like this, we need people willing to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to face the darkness on behalf of …

Who Is This Man || Palm Sunday || Matthew 21:1-11

Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem a week before his death was not the triumphant royal parade many of his followers expected. He rode in, not on a war chariot, but a donkey. Many asked then, and continue to ask now – “Who is this man?”. Julie explores who Jesu…

You Are Invited || Easter Sunday 2019 || Romans 8:31-39

Jesus is risen! Every reason we might deem ourselves unworthy of Jesus’ love was taken to the cross on Good Friday, but now that Jesus is risen, we too can be invited to life in abundance. We have all been invited to a banquet and all we need to do is …

Joyful Friday || Good Friday 2019 || Hebrews 12:1-3

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? And how should we respond to the fullness of life that Jesus offers by sacrificing himself on the cross? As Tim brings us the message he explores this very question: Could we even call it Joyful Friday? After all,…

By His Wounds We Are Healed

Jesus is risen! Easter Sunday celebrates the new life we have in Jesus; but to get to that new life, Jesus had to be broken. This revelation of the resurrection was first encountered by Mary Magdalene, and Simon Peter. In this talk, Julie looks at the …

Good Friday – The Servant

Superheroes are huge at the moment. 2700 years ago, a prophet named Isaiah wrote about someone who would come and save the world; but unlike Superman, Batman, and the Flash, who are obviously super, Isaiah’s hero is named The Servant. This ordinary character doesn’t sound impressive, nor like they could save the world. Yet at Easter, we remember this person, this factual person, Jesus.  The greatest outrage of our nation this year has been focused towards the Australian Cricket Team, and their faults and failings. The players broke the rules, and went against the spirit of the game, and have been harshly criticised by people who themselves, have undoubtedly bent or broken rules to their own benefit. No body does the right thing, all the time. No one! This is why we all need the hero of the Servant, of Jesus. We don’t need to earn forgiveness, as God offers it freely through Jesus Christ, and his death on Good Friday.

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