Talks on Luke

Talks on Luke

Are You Ready? || Bush Church Aid || Luke 12:35-48

Bush Church Aid support churches across Australia in remote and regional areas, and we’re proud to call them our Mission Partner. Adrian Lane visits us and takes a look at what Jesus has to say about his return. Connect with us at ➜ Website: https:…

Humble Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 18:9-14

Imagine attending a prayer meeting and ragging on someone else at that meeting – during your prayers. That’s exactly what one of the esteemed Jewish leaders did in this passage. Meanwhile, that other person prayed a simple prayer – just seven words lon…

Persistent Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 18:1-8

We’re continuing our series on prayer with Tim looking at persistent prayer. How do you go sticking at things for the long haul? Sticking at things for a long time, even when it’s hard going. As lockdown rolls on and Melbourne became the most locked-…

Bold Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 11:5-13

We’re continuing our series on prayer with Kirk looking at bold prayer. God wants us to be in relationship with him, asking things of him, like a kid asking their dad for an egg, or a neighbour asking a friend for a favour in the middle of the night.

Simple Prayer || Teach Us To Pray || Luke 11:1-4

In 2020’s lockdowns, 26% of Australians said they spent more time praying and on spiritual pursuits – and that they wanted to continue that beyond COVID.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be sitting at the feet of Jesus, just as his disciples did, and a…

Jesus Loves Us || Good News In Action || Luke 7:36-50

In this weeks sermon, Tim has a look at Luke Chapter 7:36-50, where Jesus is having a dinner party with some pharisee’s until a woman comes in and washes Jesus’s feet with her hair. Tim talks about how in Jesus, we are known, and that he loves us no ma…

Thanksgiving 2019 || Luke 17:11-19

This week, St John’s celebrates its 152nd birthday and as is tradition, we spend the time giving thanks to God for all he has done in the past year. Also, Tim brings us a story from Luke that highlights the importance of thanksgiving.

In the Midst of Conflict || Trust God || Luke 12:49-59

Fully trusting God can be difficult, especially in the face of conflict. But as the Bible teaches us, conflict is inevitable, and as Christians, our job is to handle adversity with the grace and love of Jesus himself. This week, Julie shares with us a …

And Serve Him || Trust God || Luke 12:35-48

Fully trusting God can be difficult, and serving him with everything can be even harder. But just as we call Jesus our Lord, we are called to serve him as our Lord. This week, Tim is back to share with us a story from the book of Luke: a parable of ser…

And Don’t Worry || Trust God || Luke 12:22-34

Fully trusting God can be difficult, especially when we are so focused on our own worries. And while worry or stress is not inherently evil, it is certainly useless or unhelpful. This week, Kirk brings us a message from Luke that tells us not to stress…

And Not Money || Trust God || Luke 12:13-21

Fully trusting God can be difficult, especially when we are tempted to hold on to parts of our lives as if we are keeping them a secret from Him. One area many Christians struggle to bring to God is money – how we view it and how we spend it.  Tim retu…

And Don’t Be Afraid || Trust God || Luke 12:1-12

Fully trusting God can be difficult, especially when we can’t see where he is leading us. In these times, it’s tempting to put on a mask to suit our surroundings. It’s tempting to try and hide parts of our lives from God. This week, Tim brings us our f…

Mission Partners || The Heart of God || Luke 18:28-30

“If you take the work of God’s mission out of the Bible, all you’re left with is a front and back cover.” Kat Shields takes a look at what mission looks like and finds that for the most part, it is ordinary. An ordinary life, saturated with gospel intentionality- a commitment to building relationships modelling Jesus, and talking about faith as a natural part of conversation.  Kat is a regular member of our Sunday evening service, bringing us this talk from Luke 18.

Mission Partners || Anglican Overseas Aid || Luke 10:25-37

As a church, we’re proud to support a number of excellent organisations across the world. We give 15% of our offerings to missions, including Anglican Overseas Aid. Their CEO, Bob Mitchell joins us, sharing about their work in Syria, as well as reflecting on the story of the Good Samaritan- asking who is our neighbour?

Come and See: Lost and Far Away

When Julie was 17 years old, she lived in a Buhdist temple in Thailand. She learnt of compassion, and elements of Buhdism, as well as the power of positive thinking, and even dabbling in palm reading.  Julie’s outward picture looks pretty good: a successful career, a dynamic social life, Julie saw the world as her stomping ground, and was stomping proudly. Though her life on the surface seemed positive and strong, living in China for a time threw a number of challenges at her, and she found all those positive things she had relied on brought no relief or support. Julie found her support in a Christian family, and the way that they lived out their faith, to love God and to love others. She was stunned that they not only believed that, but lived it out! Christianity is about more than being a good person though- it’s about a relationship with the God that loves you!

Sunday@6 Baptism and Confirmation

In this episode, Bishop Philip Huggins joins us for a special service of baptism and confirmation. We heard from a number of people publicly declaring their faith in Jesus, and the Bishop reflects on that truth.

Getting Right with God

Continuing our Luke mini-series, we see Jesus tell a story about two men, praying to God. One prays loudly, basically saying “Thanks God, that I’m so great. Also, that other guy is the worst.” The second man, a tax collector, someone usually corrupt and generally not liked, prays humbly, and earnestly. Jesus says, be like him. How do we get right with God? Be humble. Kirk explains what that looks like.
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