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Talks on Acts

Talks on Acts

Jack Joynson || Acts 3:1-10

This week, Jack Joynson debuts his first talk as he explores a story from the book of Acts and how we might relate in many different ways to some very different characters.

I am a Man or a Woman || Who Am I? || Acts 8:26-39

The topic of gender can be both a complicated and sensitive subject. After all, it forms a key part of many people’s identity. This week, Tim is back to tackle some difficult questions. What does the bible have to say about gender and how is it still r…

The Church On Mission || Idols & Riots || Acts 19:23-41

This passage in Acts is real history, with real people, and real events in time – a good reminder that the bible is about real people, and it is a historical account. But what do we do with this story? How do we learn from it and what can we take away …


Jesus gave us two rituals to show outwardly the grace we receive inwardly, baptism, and communion. In this mini-series, Tim looks at these sacraments, and how they display Jesus working in our lives.