Last chance to invite your mates to NCYC!

Last chance to invite your mates to NCYC!

Hey Parents,

This week is your youth’s last chance to invite their friends to the Northern Churches Youth Camp. Give friends give the discount code ‘FriendCode’to save $15 off their Camp Registration! Registrations close at 9 am on 1st March.

Who should I invite?

You can pretty much invite anyone you like as long as they are high school-aged. Here are three types of people we’d recommend inviting along:

  1. Friends who are not part of a church but who have shown some interest or openness to Christianity. We will talk about Jesus a fair bit, so they at least need to be ready to tolerate some Jesus talk.
  2. People you know who might feel a bit isolated at the moment. Camp can be a great place for someone to break out of loneliness.
  3. People who attend a different church to ours but have no youth camp of their own.

Click here for all the details and to register for camp.

Have a great week,
Andi Fidock
Youth Minister
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