St John’s Kids & Families – Easter

St John’s Kids & Families – Easter

More information about our in-person and livestreamed Easter Services can be found here.

St John’s Kids in-person program is in recess during the holidays. We hope our leaders enjoy a much-deserved break!

At our in-person services over Easter, we will have some activities available, to keep young hands busy while engaging with the service. If you’re unable to join us in person, or prefer to connect online, you might like to use some of the same activities at home …


Eggs are often seen to represent new life. Use this craft to remind your kids to celebrate the new life given to us through Jesus on the Cross, as they give, receive, and eat Easter Eggs this year.

You will need:

  • Two paper plates – cut one in half
  • Cross colouring in page
  • Easter Egg colouring in page – Google and choose your own!
  • Split Pin Paper Fastener

Colour in the images. Cut a circle around the cross and glue inside the full plate. Cut out your Easter Egg, cut it in half and stick to the underside of the halved paper plate. Secure the halves to the full plate with the fastener.

Closed, you have a lovely, decorated Easter Egg … Open for a reminder of the true meaning of Easter.

Activity Sheets


Further Family Discipleship

Although we have reached the Easter weekend, if you missed any of our suggested Lent or Holy Week devotions and activities, it’s never the wrong time to engage with the momentous events of the Easter story, so take some time over the holidays or next term to chose between some of the suggestions.


Upcoming Term 2 Events

  • Sun 15 May: Church Picnic. Location to be advised.
  • Fri 3 June: Event for St John’s Kids in Grades 1/2/3. Early evening event. Further details to be advised.
  • Wed 29 June – Fri 1 July: Going Bananas! Planning is underway for our Holiday Program for Primary School kids, so save the dates. Volunteers: Sign up to be involved in leading or assisting a small group of kids during the program, or leading/assisting with craft, games, and other activities. Register your interest here.


I hope you have a blessed Easter and continue to enjoy the term break.

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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