St John’s Kids & Families, 15 Aug 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 15 Aug 2021

St John’s Kids Online Sessions, Sun 15 Aug:

9:00 – 9:25am Kinder/Prep/1/2

9:30 – 9:55am Grades 3/4/5/6

Join here. If prompted, Meeting ID: 827 2445 8439 / Passcode: 074762

Note: If you join early, prepare to be in the ‘waiting room’ before being admitted.

We strive to create safe environments for children to come to know and experience the love of Jesus. Each online session will have two adult leaders and we encourage in-room parental supervision, particularly for younger children. If you would like the option of leaving your child(ren) unsupervised in our online sessions, you must complete a permission form, if you haven’t previously done so.



Join one of our livestream services at 10am or 5pm.

During the livestream service, if you would like to keep young hands busy while listening to the talk, these activity sheets are related to this week’s bible passage, Matthew 6:25-33.


Family Discipleship:


One day this week, have some fun doing a Nature Scavenger Hunt in your backyard or local park. Give each child a bag and a list of things to collect. Possible items: two different flowers, five different leaves, a smooth stone, a stick the same size as your middle finger, a clover, a feather, a gumnut, some bark, something yellow, etc. Change the list based on what you have around you. Young kids may require some assistance, while older kids may enjoy the hunt being a timed race – adapt to suit your family.

Once completed, look at the items and remind your kids that God created each of them. He made the leaves and flowers grow, and he cared for the bird that the feather came from. Ask them, if God created and cares for all these things in nature, how much more do you think he cares for you?

READ Matthew 6:25-33 together.


  • What does worry mean? Worrying is a feeling we experience when we become overly concerned with real or perceived situations in our lives, often caused by lacking a sense of control.
  • Is Jesus saying that food and clothing are not at all important? No. Everyone needs food, clothing, shelter, etc. But does worrying about it help us to get the things we need? No.
  • What can we learn from looking at the birds of the sky? God takes care of them and feeds them. They do not worry about what they are going to eat.
  • Does this mean we can sit around and not even give thought to or plan where our food, clothing, money etc. will come from? God provides for birds, but they still must go out and gather food and make their nests. God provides for us in many ways, but we must do our part as well. However, there is a big difference between doing this with worry and fear and doing it trusting in a loving God who provides.


Ask your kids if there is anything that worries them. Explain that when we are worried, we can pray and tell God all our problems. We can trust that he will hear us and will be with us. Ask God to help you to give your worries over to him, and to help you try not to take them back again. Ask him to guard your hearts and minds and grant you his peace.


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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