St John’s Kids, 14 February 2021

St John’s Kids, 14 February 2021

Sunday 14 February

The Sad News is …

There will be no in-person services this week. Melbourne is heading into 5 days of lockdown. While sad, I believe it is far preferable to have occasional short, sharp ‘circuit breakers’ than to end up back in 6+ months of lockdown. So, I give thanks to God for the lessons learnt last year and the leadership that we have.

The Good News is …

Our made-for-digital service is still up and running, so you can go to church in your pjs this week instead! You can access our digital services here.


This week we continue our talk series looking at Songs of Joy in the Psalms.

Read Psalm 96 together.

Sing a new song to the Lord.

Sing to the Lord. Praise him.

The Lord is great. He is worthy of praise.

The writer of this psalm encourages us to sing to the Lord and to praise him. Singing songs to God is one way we can draw closer to him and show him we love him.

This week, write your own song as a family, a new song, as a gift to God, praising him for all he has made and done. Think about how God has made you unique and wonderful. Did you know that your eyeball has over 2 million tiny parts and that half of all your bones are in your hands and feet?! What about all the other amazing things he has created in nature – Choose some to include in your song. You might want to put some actions to the words. You can rhyme or scat or rap, it’s entirely up to you.

As well as praising God, the psalm also calls us to tell others about God:

Tell the nations about his glory.

Tell all people about the wonderful things he has done.

You might not feel comfortable about singing your new song to the neighbourhood but discuss ways that you can tell others about the wonderful things God has done.

If you are attending in-person services, bring a copy of your song along next week to show your St John’s Kids leaders (COVID regulations allowing). You don’t have to sing it if you don’t want. If you are continuing to connect with our digital services, we’d love you to email us to share your creation.


Registration Form Reminder …

To ensure our records are kept up to date, we require Registration Forms be completed annually for participation in our in-person St John’s Kids program. Please do so here. We are encouraging the use of hand sanitiser, so make note on the form if your child(ren) has experienced a reaction.


Upcoming Events …

Pending COVID restriction updates, we are planning to celebrate the new term with a Church Picnic. All welcome!

When:   Sunday 21 February at 12ish.

Where:  Anthony Beale Reserve Playground, 277 St Helena Road.

BYO:      Picnic lunch (BBQ facilities available), chairs/rug, scooters, basketballs, cricket bat/ball, etc.



Have a great week!

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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