Do You Want to be in a Music Video?!

Do You Want to be in a Music Video?!

Hi families,

We hope you have been enjoying the QuizWorx videos and devotions we have been sharing during the school holidays.

QuizWorx are planning to release a music video called Kids Everywhere later this month. The song reminds us that Jesus wants everyone to know about him, all throughout the world.

Kids, parents, grandparents … everyone can get involved … but you only have a week! Submissions are due by 12pm on Tuesday 14 July.

1. Watch the Video

Watch the video where Chrissy teaches you how to do the song and actions.

2. Learn the Song and Actions

Download a free MP3 of Kids Everywhere to sing along to.


Film the song wherever you like. (Read on for some tips regarding filming.)

4. Upload Your Video

Upload your video and give permission for its use by using this online form by 12pm on Tuesday 14 July.


How to Film Your Video
  • Use the camera on the back of your phone in landscape mode and be sure to have a good light source in front of you for the best picture.
  • Choose your location(s). You can film it in your lounge room, your backyard, go to the park, beach, up a mountain – it’s your choice.
  • You do not need to film the whole song in one take. This enables you to do some wide shots, and some close-up shots (close up shots are highly recommended).
  • Keep the camera as still as possible when filming. Rest it on something, rather than hold in your hand if you can. And try not to zoom in and out mid-shot.


Release Date

The Kids Everywhere music video will be released in the last week of July.



Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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