Camp Crave – Time to register, seriously!

Camp Crave – Time to register, seriously!

G’day parents,

I’ve written about Camp Crave before here.

We’re getting close now and we don’t have enough registrations to go ahead. This has been the case every year at this time, then we get a bunch of registrations.

My request is that, if you’ve got youth coming, that you register them today and help me sleep better at night 😉

Click here to register.

If they’re not registered but might come, I highly recommend that you follow that rabbit all the way down the hole. Camps are not perfect, but they can be brilliant in so many ways, including:

  • Building deep, healthy friendships quickly.
  • Getting to know adults who aren’t their Life Group leader or parents.
  • Learning about God in a more focused setting with way less distractions.
  • Adventurous activities build young peoples’ confidence, sometimes you can literally see them mature over the duration of the camp.

If you’re unconvinced, please give me a call on Friday and I’ll try and explain things further 🙂 9438 1264.


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