Three Ways to Gather for Worship

What is Church?

The word “Church” carries a weight to it. Whether it’s referencing a building, a systemic structure, a culture, a group of people, or something else, the word has baggage for many. In 2020, we had to get back to what church is all about: It isn’t a building. It isn’t a governing body. It isn’t an organisation. The Church is people. ‘The word for church in the New Testament (ecclesia) means a gathering or assembly. It’s used to refer to…

We're thrilled to be returning to in-person worship gatherings at 8am, 10am, and 5pm.
These services will be restricted to fully vaccinated people only, per government restrictions.
Those who are not fully vaccinated are able to join in digitally at our YouTube channel or join in with watch parties in homes.
For more info, head here. Find all our services here.