Posts from March 2023

CMS Young Adults Night

Faith-full creation care 7–9:30pm, Wednesday, 29 March • St Jude’s, Carlton • Dinner & Forum How can we actively care for the environment while eagerly awaiting the new creation? As Christians, how can we share hope and life amidst the deep fear and shame many young people feel about the earth? Come along to an open conversation on conservation with Anna Radkovic! After years of working in creation care here in Victoria, Anna is stepping out to do the same…

Prison Fellowship Easter Bake

THE CHALLENGE: To bake 79,000 homemade biscuits THE CAUSE: To share God’s love with every inmate in Victoria this Easter THE CALL: To bake and deliver nut-free biscuits to inmates in Victoria The Prison Fellowship Easter Biscuit Bake is a simple and practical way to tell people in prisons in Victoria that they are valued as people and loved by God. A person who received some biscuits a few years ago said this: “I can’t believe someone would do this…

Got Questions? Try Alpha.

Alpha is for anyone and everyone who wants to explore the big questions of life and the Christian faith, where they can freely ask questions and share their point of view. It involves a series of interactive sessions in a safe and honest space, is free and is over a meal – everyone is welcome!