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St John’s Kids & Families, 02 May 2021

Family Discipleship is not so much about cramming more into busy schedules as it is about being intentional and leveraging the time parents already have with their children, to help them become friends and followers of Jesus. If you would like to utilise some time you spend in the car on the way to school, or swimming, or music lessons, etc., you may be interested in The Word On The Street – an Australian, Christian devotional podcast for families. Each episode is…

Self-Help || St John’s Extra

Is self-help self-ish? Do we get ahead in life by pushing others to the side? Is there a better way? Get St John’s Extra sent to your inbox — Check out our website — Join our church community —

Youth Part of God’s Mission + Online Escape Room

Hello parents, Our first time as ‘Youth part of God’s Mission’ is next Sunday! As St John’s Youth we will be practically loving the current participants of the Alpha course being run by St John’s. Alpha will be having their final meeting together, talking about what church is. As a group, we’re going to prepare them some yummy food and decorate the room to help them celebrate the end of the course. We think this will be a great opportunity to…

St John’s Kids & Families, 25 April 2021

Welcome to Term 2! I hope you have all had an enjoyable term break. The lead up to Easter, as with Christmas, can be busy with end of term activities and family and other social get-togethers. We can run the risk of solemnly commemorating Jesus’ death and celebrating the resurrection and then … we often just stop. But the excitement did not stop on Easter Sunday! Over the last few weeks, we have had talks (in-person and online) looking at…

Spiritual but not Religious? || St John’s Extra

Australians believe in the supernatural – from ghosts to miracles and a higher power. What do you believe in? ABC article – “We asked Australians if they believe in God or the supernatural. Here’s what they said” –  Get St John’s Extra sent to your inbox — Check out our website — Join our church community —

Hybrid Youth Ministry Survey + St John’s Youth part of God’s Mission

Hey Parents, I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Easter and are continuing to enjoy your holidays! It’s time to gather feedback around our Hybrid Youth Ministry trial! Off the back of doing online youth ministry in 2020, we decided to try a hybrid in-person/online youth ministry for Term 1 of 2021. To access the full document outlining the trial click here. Please complete a 5 min survey to give us your feedback here.  Our Hybrid Youth…

St John’s Kids – Easter 2021

Click here for details of our Easter services, in-person and livestreamed. At our in-person services, we will have some free resources to help you investigate the life and death of Jesus further. One of these is specifically for kids: Who, What, Why of Easter. This has also been made available as a digital resource which you can watch here: And there are some related activity sheets available too: 1, 2, 3, 4. Please connect with us if you are not…

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