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St Johns Youth – continuing online

St Johns Youth – continuing online

Hey parents, Youth Life Groups will continue to meet via Zoom for the remainder of Term 2.  We’ve decided to keep meeting online this term for a few reasons:

  • As restrictions begin to lift and we can consider in-person meetings, we’re in no rush. We plan to get back into things slowly rather than throw families into other activities all at the same time.
  • Our primary concern is the physical safety and the emotional and mental wellbeing of the youth and their families. We are also aware that some of us are living with family members in vulnerable categories health-wise.
  • Meeting in person involves maintaining physical distancing requirements that are not simple to implement or run a discussion in. We need to take the time to think through and plan how in-person meetings might actually work.

We will reassess this decision at the beginning of Term 3. We hope to have some sort of face to face meetings during term 3. This will be determined by the current advice from the government and the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (our regional governing body).  We may be able to meet in person on a week to week basis or continue online with occasional in-person meetings. Our safety and hygiene guidelines will be shared for your information before any in-person meeting occurs. If you’re like me you may be experiencing both relief and apprehension in returning to pre-restriction activities. With the busyness of school pick-up and drop-off, the return of extracurricular activities, and more opportunities to socialize with friends and family on the horizon mixed emotions are warranted!  A return to the busy lifestyle of the past may not be what you want or need. I’ve been thinking lots about how these feelings must be heightened for the youth in our community. Navigating being a teenager is already strange and difficult but they’ve had to face it in a whole know climate this year! I’m super grateful for the small role we’ve been able to play in supporting your youth during this pandemic. Doing Life groups via Zoom has been a whole new dynamic but the youth have risen to the challenge. As leaders we’re super impressed by this amazing bunch of young people, showing up each week to learn and grow in their relationships with Jesus. Zooming has been a lot of fun and I look forward to continuing this for the time being. Praying for you and your families, Andi Fidock Trainee Youth Minister Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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